Countries find consensus and pass The Milan Agreement

Yesterday, an ambitious agreement was adopted at COP 23 in Milan. In The Milan Agreement countries pledge to limit the temperature increase to well below 2°C and to strive for 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. To achieve this goal, parties agreed to reach the global peak of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Remarkable is that all countries except for the US have accepted loss and damages as a new third pillar. Furthermore, the definition of a framework for the allocation of SDM projects is postponed to the next COP.

Given the Trump administration’s position on climate change, this year’s negotiations were exceptionally challenging. Nevertheless, delegates from all over the world were well prepared and pushed for a progressive outcome. While the past two days were characterized by heated discussions, surprising negotiation tactics and concessions, the UN Climate Change conference ended with a unanimous agreement.

Please click here to download The Milan Agreement.

Foto Massimiliano Stucchi © Milano 16-17 Maggio 2017

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Sharp comments on US and Australia decisions not to increase pledges on GCF

Applause for Mauritius that considered unacceptable that US and Australia refused to increase their pledges on the GCF, while other countries are making consistent efforts.

US: We are not backing down from the Paris agreement, but we are not going to increase the current amount. So far, we have been the country contributing the most to the GCF.

Protests also by Greenpeace that supported Mauritius position pointing out that the Paris agreement pledges relate to 0.06% of US GDP.

Russia – stepping up its climate game in close cooperation with G7 leaders

In a surprising move today, Russia, the notorious 4th biggest greenhouse gas emitter, for the first time ever in history, has pledged an amount of USD 2 billion as contribution to the Green Climate Fund (GCF). This has helped put collective pressure on urging the US and Australia. Putin has admittedly repeated during COP 23 that “Climate change is one of the gravest challenges humanity is facing, and Russia is willing to cooperate with fellow Western leaders jointly in creating a win-win situation for all.”

During COP 23, Russia has worked closely and developed mutual interest with leaders from Germany, France, UK, Japan and others. Russia has pledged to CTCN as well as REDD+ to improve the current situation. Together with the international Community, Russia will take on the responsibility to both recognize and support climate refugees and to encourage technology transfer. (Russia)

Russia and USA.png

Will the cooperative Russia get back to the original G8 coalition? Will the pressure coming from the Western leaders on Russia’s aggressive political moves be eased? (Russia)


Who is the best negotiator of COP23?

Dear distinguished delegates,

As the negotiations are almost over, we invite you all to vote for the best negotiator. Our senior advisors have shortlisted a list of candidates for you, now it is time to hear your voice!

It would be much appreciated if everyone could fill in the survey through the link below  not later than 16:05.


If you are facing any problems with the link, please let us know.

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Negotiations getting tougher

We are at the very last minutes of the COP23.

If delegates in the Mitigation WG have found some important compromises and the decision process is finally smooth, in the other working groups agreement seems to be far away…

Rumors say that both in Adaptation and Market Mechanisms, US may decide to retreat the agreement.

What will be happening during the voting plenary?


Loss and damages accepted as a third pillar by all countries – except for the US

In WG “ADAPTATION” countries have voted unanimously that loss and damages will be accepted as a new third pillar by all countries – except for the US. While this decision highlights the importance of loss and damage, direct loss and damage funding has been retrieved by merging the separate fund for adaptation into the Green Climate fund.

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GCF: Japan taking the lead with many allies!

Hot discussions around the Green Climate Fund:

We would like to stress the importance of Climate Change leadership and urge the United States and Australia to follow. Japan has pledged 10 billion into the Green Climate Fund Annually, which is the highest for any single nation. In total more than 50 billion dollars has been raised by various countries like Germany, Russia, China, UK, EU, Canada and many others. We again strongly urge other countries to step up and take their responsibility just like Japan has done now. (Japan)

We follow the discussions!

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Dispute about Green Climate Fund resolved

Update on the procedural matter: The WG “MITIGATION” continues to discuss about the funding of the GCF and the WG “ADAPTATION” will move on to the next agenda point.

The morning session closed with the US providing hope and energy for the final working group session.

“We would like to stress our intention to get a deal.” (US)



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